African Mango DIET DROPS مزيد من المعلومات

غير متوفر في المخزون

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غير متوفر في المخزون

Quick Overview  

Works on weight loss by locking and discouraging excessive appetite

It also increases the rate of fat burning and depletion stored in the body

Slimming abdomen, buttocks, shaping and sculpting

Activates all body functions to consume fat and grease


1 – a combination to control excessive appetite and increase the burning rates of fat and grease stored in the body.

Lock excessive appetite and control for a large up to 10 hours continuous for some objects 2-

3 – Increase incineration rates of thousands of caloris without sports activity and are multiplied by the use of injections of burning activation or US burning capsules or exercise and the simplest walking 30 minutes a day.

4 – raise the temperature of the body safely as a result of raising the efficiency of Metabolism.

5 – body activity for the presence of vitamins important to the burning process.

6 – Loss of half a kilogram per day of the body as part of our own courses and can identify appropriate courses with Dr..

Benefits of each product component

1- The benefits of Garcia fruit

Weight loss … Garcinia contains hydroxy acid that is proven to suppress appetite and support fat burning in the body. Human and animal studies have demonstrated the ability of acid to influence genes responsible for the secretion of leptin, the hormone responsible for appetite suppression in the brain. The study showed that the ability to eat Garcinia fruit to lower cholesterol levels and insulin in the blood, which means that the body stores fat more slowly.

Daily dose

1 capsule per day before breakfast for a full hour or as directed by Dr.

How to protect your rights from fraud and check your product’s reach

Each capsule of the product is stamped with the manufacturer’s company with a scratch card under it a serial number for each package with the Middle East agent number

Side effects

There are no side effects because it is a factory of completely natural materials

Contraindications for

Heart patients

Patients with pressure of the second degree.

Pregnant and lactating until one year of breastfeeding ..

Less than 14 years old

Buy now at the best price in the Kingdom. Riyadh. Jeddah and the Gulf States

Get the product now and enjoy the best
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All slimming drugs are available capsules, injections, drops and weight loss routers

All injections are available to activate burning, body sculpting and coordination

Available Injection Eliminate cellulite permanently

Injection injections are available to relax the body, breast tenderness and postnatal relaxation

Follow-up daily on the personal wats of the doctor.

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